Our corporate law team advises in all matters which arise in the regular course of business of a company. We assist our clients since the beginning of operations and business structuring, alongside the intensive periods of investment, the implementation of promotion and commercialization structures for their products and services, including the expansion through strategic alliances and join ventures.

We also assist companies in the management of their corporate books, with proceedings before government regulators and controlling agencies, as well as in negotiating shareholders’ agreements and in corporate conflict resolution.

We also have a wide experience in negotiating and drafting all kinds of commercial agreements, including commercialization contracts (distribution, agency, concession), licenses, franchising, purchase – sale and leasing agreements.

One of the primary goals of any company is to maximize corporate value, while managing its financial and legal risks.

GFM advises its clients in all kind of corporate and project financings, structured products, loans and syndicated loans and the capitalization of public companies and closed corporations in Argentina and abroad, either through capital contributions or debt.

Doing business requires certainty, foreseeability and diligent actions. Any new investment implies both advantages and risks; therefore, it also requires both prevention and protection.

GFM’s team of mergers and acquisitions specialists is highly qualified to advice our clients about the adequate structure for the business they intend to carry out, as well as the correct identification of the risks and contingencies implied in their investment.

In addition, our knowledge about competition law pursuant to the regime which establishes the scrutiny of the business control transfers, allows us to guide our clients adequately in this delicate area of the law. We have successfully developed, negotiated and structured a wide range of transactions, including goodwill transfers, assets sales, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, sales of control stockholdings, shareholders’ and management agreements.

Renewable energies are the new global energy paradigm.
The legal practice of GFM includes advicing energy companies, constructors and developers of wind and solar parks, in domestic and international bids (RenovAR programs), EPC and EPCM contracts, generation, transmission and distribution contracts and advice in all the remaining stages of the business.
We also provide advice on conventional natural resources (mining, oil & gas), including, among other activities, the financing of mining projects, construction contracts, exploration advice, pre-feasibility, feasibility and environmental impact, participation in the purchase and sale of oil & gas areas, joint venture contracts, as well as exploration and operation agreements for the exploitation of such natural resources.
We have strong links with the local legal community specializing in energy, mining, oil & gas, including the public sector and government regulators.

The Real Estate business in Argentina has been growing dramatically during the last years.

GFM professionals have a deep understanding and knowledge of the local market, as well as a strong legal experience and track record in this field, advising buyers, sellers and developers in the implementation of the most efficient legal and tax structures for their proposed business, either through the use of Trusts, Funds, Joint Ventures, UTEs, SPCs and Investment Pools.

At GFM, we have extensive experience advising our clients that render Engineering, Operation and Construction services.

Among the many projects we have participated as legal advisors, we may mention those involving Engineering Services, Facilities Management, Energy Management, Program Management, Construction Management, Environmental Impact, Site/Infrastructure Planning, Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC), EPCM, Design-Build and Sustainable Solutions.

The access to capital markets is an essential element for the normal economic development of any country.

The team of capital markets and financial law professionals is highly specialized in advising on a wide range of transactions including equity and debt securities offering, derivatives and structured products, securitizations, business and financial trusts, project financing, syndicated loans and other type of credit facilities.

Our lawyers have participated in many high profile financial transactions, both locally and abroad. Even some members of our team have worked with the Argentine Securities Exchange Commission (Comisión Nacional de Valores), before going into private practice.

The economic and financial crisis usually forces companies highly indebted in strong currency to renegotiate their financial liabilities with their creditors. This process involves the implementation of a whole variety of innovative legal and financial structures.

GFM’s professional with experience in such type of processes know how to develop both original alternatives and legal structures for those clients in need of a dynamic, modern and highly sophisticated working legal team. Our team is able to manage every available financial tool and to “speak” the same language the market does.

Additionally, through the coordinated team-work with our specialists in corporate finance and bankruptcy law, we are in a position to successfully advice such companies going through a financial crisis. Our legal assistance comprises the initial and preventive stage of the crisis, as well as designing and negotiating debt restructuring agreement, with their corresponding guaranty schemes, in order to render the security demanded by these transactions.

The professionals of our litigation department advise in all aspects of conflict resolution, including those which appear in the regular course of business of a company, as well as highly complex litigation and arbitration cases.

We represent our clients before government and administrative departments, arbitral and judicial courts at every level, as well as with the settlement of controversies by alternative dispute resolution methods. We also assist our clients with the execution of foreign rulings and arbitration awards in Argentina.

As part of GFM’s team-work approach, our litigation lawyers interact constantly with the other advisory and transactional teams of the firm, especially regarding litigation risks assessment and the prevention of conflicts.

Our team of specialized attorneys at GFM advices clients in all matters related to Antitrust filings before the National Commission for the Defense of Competition, including but not limited to, consulting opinions, F1 and F2 filings and other complex competition matters.

In addition and among other publications, GFM is also a proud contributor to Howrey’s Worldwide Competition Filing Requirements Handbook.

GFM also advices clients on Consumer Defense matters, as well as other filings before the Government control agencies of certain industries such as Gas, Water & Sewage, Energy, Food and Health, among others. Our clients take the benefit of our high degree of efficiency in all filings made with the different regulatory agencies, achieved through specialization and years of practice.

The GFM labor law team provides personalized and highly specialized services in Labor Law, Social Security and Human Resources matters.

Besides rendering specific legal opinions on labor law matters, our advice also includes a preventive analysis in order to reduce labor contingencies, as well as to design comprehensive strategies and solutions in terms of corporate labor and human relations.

The services provided by our labor law team include, among others, advice on the most appropriate labor contract applicable for each case, proposals on changes to work conditions, regime for the contracting and sub-contracting of services, continuation or transfer of businesses or going concerns, administration and management in crisis situations, policy for labor relation terminations, conflict treatment for the avoidance of a formal claim and corporate representation before trial or labor legal proceedings.

Our team at GFM has extensive experience in advising entertainment companies, as well as those carrying out promotional activities of their products and services.

Our advice covers all legal aspects related to promotions through massive media, television, cable and radio, content and show productions, including major shows, musical events and theater productions.

Every business transaction requires advice on tax issues. GFM advises its clients in all aspects of tax law through its Tax and Foreign Trade Department, working together with the other departments of the Firm in the design and implementation of the most efficient and convenient tax structure for each particular case.

GFM generally advises and represents its clients in all procedures before the Argentine IRS (AFIP) as well as before the social security and customs authorities.