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Our team of lawyers specialized in corporate law provides advice on all matters that arise in the business life of a company.​ ​We assist our clients from the beginning from its operations and structuring of the business, going through the intensive periods of investment, the implementation of systems for the promotion and commercialization of products and services, up to its expansion through strategic alliances and joint ventures.​ ​We also advise existing companies in everything related to the management of their corporate books and procedures before control bodies and regulatory bodies, as well as in the execution of shareholder agreements and in the resolution of conflicts corporate.​ ​In addition, we have extensive experience in the negotiation and drafting of all kinds of commercial contracts, including marketing agreements (distribution, agency, concession), licences, franchises, sales and leasing contracts.


One of the main objectives of any business venture is to maximize corporate value, while managing financial and legal risks. GFM advises its clients in a diverse range of project financing operations, structured products, simple or syndicated loans, and in the capitalization of public and private companies, both in Argentina and abroad, either with equity or debt contributions. .



The business world demands certainty, predictability and cautious action. Any new investment involves advantages and risks; therefore, it requires prevention and protection. GFM's team of specialists in mergers and acquisitions is highly trained to advise our clients on the proper implementation of the business they intend to carry out, as well as on the correct identification of the risks and contingencies that their investment implies. In addition, our knowledge of competition law in accordance with the regime that establishes the examination of business takeovers, allows us to adequately guide our clients in this delicate area of law. We have been able to successfully develop, negotiate and structure a wide range of transactions that include transfers of goodwill, disposal of assets, mergers, spin-offs, purchase and sale of share packages, shareholder and management agreements.


Renewable energies are the new global energy paradigm. GFM's legal practice includes advice to energy companies, builders and developers of wind and solar farms, in national and international tenders (RenovAR Programs), in EPC and EPCM contracts, generation, transmission and distribution contracts and advice in all other stages of the business. Likewise, we provide advice on conventional natural resources (mining, oil & gas) including, among other activities, the financing of mining projects, construction contracts, exploration advice, pre-feasibility, feasibility and environmental impact, participation in the purchase and sale of oil and gas areas, joint venture contracts, as well as  exploration and operation agreements for the exploitation of said natural resources. We have strong links with the local energy, mining, oil and gas legal community, including the public sector and government regulators.



The Real Estate business in Argentina has developed deeply in the last decades. GFM has extensive experience in this area, advising real estate investors and developers to implement the most efficient and innovative legal and tax structures in the market, whether through Real Estate Trusts, Funds, Joint Ventures, UTEs and Investment Pools. In addition we work in complex commercial lease negotiations. GFM also advises International hotel operators with their business in Argentina.


At GFM we have extensive experience in advising our clients who provide engineering, operation and construction services for projects. Among the various projects in which we have participated, we can mention those of services for Engineering Design, Facilities Management, Energy Management , Program Management, Construction Management, Environmental Impact, Site/Infrastructure Planning, Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC – Engineering, Procurement and Construction), EPCM, Design-Build and sustainable solutions.



Access to capital markets is an essential element in the normal economic development of a country. The team of professionals from GFM's capital markets and financial law department is highly specialized in advising on a wide range of operations that include issuance of debt and capital securities, derivative and structured products, securitizations, commercial trusts and _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_financieros, acquisition and project financing, syndicated loans and other types of credit facilities. Our lawyers have participated in important financial operations both locally and abroad. Even prior to entering private practice, some of them have served on the Argentine National Securities Commission.


Economic and financial crises usually bring with them the need for companies that are highly indebted in hard currency to have to renegotiate their financial liabilities with their creditors. This process involves the implementation of numerous and varied legal and financial structures. GFM professionals who are familiar with these processes know how to generate novel and effective alternatives and legal structures for clients who need an agile, modern and highly sophisticated work team that handles all the available tools and that "speaks" the same market language. . In addition, through the coordinated work of our specialists in corporate finance and bankruptcy law, we are able to successfully assist companies in a situation of financial crisis, both in the prevention stage and in the design and negotiation of restructuring and refinancing agreements. of its liabilities, with the corresponding guarantee schemes that will provide the security required in this type of transaction.



The professionals of our litigation department act in the resolution of conflicts that range from those that inevitably arise in the normal course of a company's business, to highly complex litigation. We exercise the representation of our clients before administrative bodies, arbitration and judicial courts in all instances, as well as in the resolution of disputes by alternative methods. We also assist our foreign clients in the execution of foreign judgments and arbitral awards in Argentina. As part of the teamwork at GFM, our litigation lawyers constantly interact with the other advisory and transactional areas of the firm, particularly to coordinate litigation risk coverage and conflict prevention tasks.



At GFM we have professionals specialized in advising our clients on all matters related to the Defense of Competition, including the presentation of advisory opinions, the presentation of forms F1 and F2, and other complex matters in the area of competition law. Among other publications, GFM is a proud contributor to the Howrey Global Handbook on Competition. Likewise, GFM represents clients in matters related to Commercial Loyalty, Consumer Defense, as well as before government control organizations in the Gas, Water and Energy sectors, SENASA, ANMAT, among others. Our clients benefit from the high degree of efficiency achieved in all the presentations made by our team in different regulatory agencies, the result of a high degree of specialization and years of practice.


At GFM we have extensive experience in advising media, entertainment, and gaming companies, as well as those that carry out promotions and contests with their products and services. Said advice includes all legal aspects related to raffles and promotions, mass media, open and cable television, radio, show and content producers, including large recitals, musical events and theatrical presentations.



Our professionals specialized in Labor and Social Security Law, and Collective Bargaining Law, provide legal advice to clients related to their labor and human resource challenges. In addition, they provide advice on conflict resolution, whether individual or collective, supporting clients in every stage of the process, as well as complex litigation.



Every business project requires to some extent advice on tax issues. GFM advises its clients on these aspects through its Tax and Foreign Trade Department, working jointly with the other Firm teams in the design and implementation of the most convenient and efficient tax structures in each case. In addition, GFM advises in a general way and represents its clients in different procedures before the General Tax Directorate, the General Directorate of Customs (DGA), the General Directorate of Social Security (DGSS) and other tax authorities.

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